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26–29 October 2023 | #WONCASydney2023
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RACGP would like to acknowledge and thank the many volunteers from around the world involved in the planning of the WONCA 2023 through the following committees.

Host Organising Committee chair
Adj. Prof Karen Price Immediate Past President, RACGP
Committee members
Prof Amanda Barnard Australian National University
Dr Sean Black-Tiong Chair, RACGP GPs in Training Faculty
Dr Sarah Chalmers Immediate Past President, ACRRM
Prof Karen Flegg President-elect, WONCA (2023)
Dr Nicole Higgins President, RACGP
A/Prof Frank Jones  
Dr Emily Kirkpatrick South Australia Health
Dr Garth Manning Past CEO, WONCA
Dr Mark Miller Chair, RACGP International
Prof Mark Morgan Chair, Scientific Committee / Bond University
Prof Brad Murphy Ashfield Country Practice / Bond University
Dr Samantha Murton President, RNZCGP
A/Prof Ayman Shenouda  
Conference Scientific Committee chair
Prof Mark Morgan (Chair) Bond University
Deputy Conference Scientific Committee chair
Prof Felicity Goodyear-Smith (Deputy Chair) University of Auckland
Committee members  
A/Prof Jill Benson AM GPEx / University of Adelaide
Prof Alan Bruce Chater University of Queensland
A/Prof Lyn Clearihan AM Monash University
Dr Aleeta Fejo  
Prof Gerard Gill Deakin University
A/Prof Charlotte Hespe Chair, RACGP New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory
Dr Nicole Higgins President, RACGP
Dr Katie Jeffress Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Faculty representative
Prof Siaw-Teng Liaw University of New South Wales
Prof Parker Magin University of Newcastle
A/Prof Jo-Anne Manski-Nankervis Chair, RACGP REC-Research / University of Melbourne
Prof Dimity Pond University of Newcastle
Adj. Prof Karen Price Immediate Past President, RACGP
Prof Grant Russell Monash University
Dr Liz Sturgiss Monash University
Dr Michael Tam University of New South Wales
Prof Les Toop University of Ortago
Prof Chris van Weel Past WONCA President
International Advisory Committee chair  
Prof Karen Flegg (Chair) Australia
Committee members  
Dr Kate Anteyi Nigeria
Prof Nobutaro ‘Nobu’ Ban Japan
Dr Dora Berneal Colombia
Prof Enrique Falceto de Barros Brazil
Dr Nicole Higgins  
Prof Mohammed ‘Husni’ Jamal Malaysia
Dr Henry Lawson Ghana
Adj A/Prof Tan Tze Lee Singapore
A/Prof Roar Maagaard Denmark
Prof Bob Mash South Africa
Prof Thomas Meoño Martin Costa Rica
Dr Steve Mowle United Kingdom
A/Prof Nagwa Nashat Hegazy Egypt
A/Prof Victor Ng Canada
Prof Maria Pilar Astier-Peña Spain
Dr Sankha Randenikumara Sri Lanka
Prof Marvin Reid Jamaica
A/Prof Saniya Sabzwari Pakistan
Dr Joseph Scott-Jones New Zealand
Dr Anna Stavdal Norway
Dr Mohammed Tarawneh Jordan
Prof Val Wass United Kingdom
Dr Kim Yu            United States of America
Dr Shanzhu Zhu China
Conference Planning Committee chair 
Dr Harris Lygidakis (Chair) WONCA CEO
Committee members
Adj. Prof Karen Price Immediate Past President, RACGP
A/Prof Bohumil Seifert 2013 HOC Chair
Andrea Zard WONCA Secretariat

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