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Green Day

26–29 October 2023 | #WONCASydney2023
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Green Day – WONCA 2023

On Saturday 28 October, WONCA 2023 will showcase the conferences approach to sustainability.

On Green Day, the following activities will take place to support sustainability:

  • Delegates being encouraged to wear green or a touch of green (green tip: try to find something already in your wardrobe),
  • A vegetarian menu will be served on this day with produce sourced from local farms to reduce the carbon footprint,
  • During lunch, the RACGP will host a stage presentation on its carbon footprint report and the Colleges journey towards environmental sustainability.

How can delegates support sustainability?

There are many ways delegates can support sustainability during the conference. This includes:

  • Ensuring all waste and recyclables are placed into the appropriate waste recycling stream bin throughout the venue,
  • Being conscious of how many disposable items are used and only using what’s really needed,
  • Consider taking public transport, carpooling, cycling or walking to the venue.

Conference venue

The ICC Sydney offers a variety of initiatives to support sustainability. To read more, please visit the links below.


Photo competition


Entries now open

Delegates are encouraged to submit photographs that;

  • Is a place that they love and would like to preserve
  • Demonstrate the impact of the environment on their local area and how it may be linked to environmental changes in general practice and family medicine
  • Celebrates nature and its impact on wellbeing

The top 3 photos will be judged by the Conference Host Organising Committee and displayed at the conference

Enter now

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